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Dj Komix

Michał Lenarcik aka Dj Komix began his adventure with electronic music in around 1997, when his brother took him to the legendary club “Blue Velvet”. The first sounds which he heard there took him completely far away …

Being present behind the decks since 2001, he played with such names as: Ben Sims, Harvey McKay,Richard Bartz,  Ed Davenport, D-Knox, Westbam, Tigerskin, Simon Baker, Chris Liberator, Rowland The Bastard, DAVE The Drummer, Aaron Liberator, Lawrie Immersion, Culture Shock, Lenzman and others. He is a co-founder of  the series of the events “Smirnoff Experience”.He finds himself in the most possible varieties of electronic dance music, mixing almost all types. His mixes a combination of old-school US house, tech-house, Detroit and minimal or even pumping techno, as well as fascinated by the sounds from the British Isles. As a DJ he has played in many Polish clubs: including “GGOG” (gdańsk), “Sfinks” (Sopot), “Metro” (Białystok), “Metro Stacja Cafe” (Rzeszów), “Cafe Mięsna” (Poznań), “Rozrywki Trzy” (Kraków); Warsaw Ckubs: , “Klub55″, 1500m2”, “Iskra”, “Luzztro”, “Piekarnia”, “Klatka”, “Temat Rzeka”, “Nowa Jerozolima”, “Kotły”, “Lokomotywa”, “Przestrzeń Graffenberga”, “§51” & many more.