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Bonehider is the project of two young enthusiasts from Minsk, whose minimalistic music undoubtedly make you look into the playlist again. Sergey Smirnov and Ana Zhdanova took parts in various musical collaborations as well as solo works, but, despite the initial difference in interests, a new joint project is worthy grabbing your time and attention. Bonehider- is about clarity and purity, here becomes the motto “… rather to remove than to add.” The name can be interpreted in two ways in the Bone + Hider- skin (it’s about complementarity and integrity) and Bonehider – is “the one who hides the bones.” Anyone who has something to hide. Casual evil and eternally elusive sense to find a place in a fascinating echo of interest in the hidden “other skeletons in the closet” is clearly not flashy. In music, there is tension, which suggests the idea of exhausting soul-searching and eternal creative search. Reproduced chamber mysticism seems typical for a teenage single room, “he listened to the post-punk and read a couple of books of philosophical sense. In life happens so much nonsense, but it is so interesting to speculate.” Music without reservations for the season, so reminiscent of the autumn sky lost all shades. Closed usual blue. Faded memories here – only the echoes. Feelings and moods, all-in all.

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