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Otake Records is a collaborative project created by Piotr Bejnar and Michał Piotrowski. The label lends its name to the statement “Otake Polske walczyłem” announced by Lech Wałęsa following the fall of communism in Poland. At the time, the statement not only led to major historical changes in Poland, but it embodied the powerful message that the simple, common man can be powerful. We believe that our artists are brilliant. There exists many amazing producers, who are just waiting to be noticed and are worthy of rewards for their talents. Our goal is to promote Polish artists, create a group of friends all over the world, who support themselves in music and life. This solidarity, will be our way to fulfil our music dreams.


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We really need your demo tracks. We’re young label looking for new Otake Stars. We only accept PRIVATE soundcloud links with minimum 3 tracks never released / published before. Write a short info about you and contact address.

info [at] otakerecords [dot] pl

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